Our Seller Services

With so many homes to choose from in today's market, sellers must select an aggressive Realtor® with a multi-media marketing plan to attract qualified buyers.

Detailed Market Analysis
Pricing correctly is the #1 factor in determining when or if your home will sell in today's market. It is a well known fact that the longer a house is on the market, the lower the final sale price will be. In addition, if you have a mortgage, you are also loosing money to interest payments every day your home is on the market.

Together through detailed comparisons between your home, recently sold homes, and homes currently on the market we can determine what your home is worth in today's market. This is known as a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA. Lynn and I will create and go over this report with you 100% free of charge and with zero obligations.

Maximum Buyer Exposure
Our extensive marketing assures you have maximum buyer exposure. If you select Yahoo, Google or Microsoft's MSN as your Internet search provider, and type in "houses for sale in Dalton GA" you will see our web sites (HousesInDalton.com and NWGARealtors.com) are ranked among the top home-search web sites.

When you list you home with us we will place your home's ad page on these web sites, plus six additional nationally known home-search web sites, including kinardrealty.com and Realtor.com within 24hrs. The minute your ads are up and running we will notify our buyers along with Realtors we are working with, who in-turn will notify their buyers. This is a powerful way to jump-start the sale of your home! Plus, we will place your home ad in area Homes Magazines.

Staged To Sell
Lynn and I will walk through your home and make suggestions on how to present or stage your home to maximize your selling price. We can also talk about any improvements or repairs that may help to ensure you receive full price offers. See our Home Staging video.

Pre-qualified Home Buyers
Lynn and I will not waste your time or ours showing your home to buyers who can not afford it. When working with new home buyers the first thing we request is a load pre-qualifying letter from their lender. When we call to setup a showing appointment, you will know our buyers are serious and able to purchase.

Before you Sign on the Dotted Line
Purchase And Sale Agreements, Contingencies Exhibits, and other legal documents can quickly become complicated and intimidating. The last thing we want is for you to walk into your closing with doubts. Lynn and I will explain each document to your complete satisfaction. With 200+ homes, commercial buildings and land sold, we have knowledge and experience you can rely upon.

Experienced and Motivated Realtors
As with any profession, all Realtors are not equal. This is what Lynn and I have to offer:
• Experence
Lynn and I have successfully negotiated the sale of over 200 properties; including homes, commercial buildings and land .
• Education
Lynn and I stay up-to-date with constantly changing real estate laws, contracts, and related legal documents.
• Advertising Skills and Resources
Internet - Lynn and I have two web sites that rank highly (1st and 2nd page) on major search engines.
In addition, we advertise our listings on six (6) nationally known real estate search web sites.
Magazines - We advertise in area Homes Magazines, newspapers, and various print media.
Multi-List System - We place our property ads in the local area Multiple-List System (MLS) and in the Georgia
(state wide) Multiple-List System (FMLS). Your home listing is made available to thousands of buyers all across
Georgia. Our advertising gives you a huge advantage by making your home know to as may buyers as possible.
• Client Satisfaction
Lynn and I adhere to the Realtor Code of Ethics. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service and
give a testimonial to your friends and family members regarding our services.
• Motivation
b Last, but not least, our motivation. As you can guess Lynn and I spend a lot of time and money on education and
bullet advertising. If we can't produce a buyer for your home, you owe us nothing - not one penny. Lynn and I pay for all
of the advertising.

So give us a call. You have nothing to loose, and a lot to gain!